I am on the move and grateful that I do not know what comes next.  James Taylor sings that he is “Wild with expectation on the edge of the unknown.”  St Brendan prays “Help me journey beyond the familiar and into the unknown.”  A friend named Robbie once told me that his life goal was “To be fearless in the face of change.”

After a lifetime as a United Methodist pastor, adventurer, ultra runner, husband, father and grandfather I want to find new ways to embrace this fearless way of living that causes me to welcome the unfamiliar unknown.  In doing so let me affirm that it is my relationship with God that allows me to live without fear and that prayer is the primary passageway to that relationship.  This also requires me to acknowledge that many of the traditional ways of praying are not that helpful to me.

What is helpful to me is movement. I come to life when I move.  Several times each week I strike out into the desert that surrounds my Tucson, AZ home.  I am not looking for any particular thing but I know, that moving between the cactus, up a mountainside, under the desert sun, surrounded by wildlife and few people…I am alive.

It makes sense to me that these things, prayer, movement, and a sense of adventure are closely related.  Movement is prayer, the silence of the desert encourages me to listen.  No prayer is an end within itself.  Every prayer leads to something new, unfamiliar, even unknown.

In this blog I will to invite you to think with me about such things.  I will write about day to day movement, adventures as bold as hiking through the Nepal Himalayas, and a quest for a new connection to the life of the spirit.  From time to time I will invite you to share your experiences with adventures such as these.

Each Friday I will offer a new post.  I hope that you will join me and that you will invite your friends to come along too.

Beyond the familiar,
Billy Still